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Photographer Alex Sablan

Alex Sablan Photography

Alex Sablan works mostly full time at LexisNexis in Miamisburg, Ohio and works as a part time photographer in Dayton and the surrounding communities.  He enjoys many facets of many genres of photography.  Street photography, band photography, portrait photography, and architectural photography are his main interests.

AlexSablan.com is his main website for interactive media design, web design/development,  photography, and his store.  You can also find  Alex Sablan Photography on Facebook,  follow AlexSablan.com on Twitter, or pin his work on Pinterest.

Alex’s life began in the Miami Valley at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  His father was in the Air Force and they moved around quite a bit.  He was born in Fairborn before the family moved to  Homestead AFB in Florida.  They then moved to San Bernadino for a few years before packing up and moved to Hickam AFB on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  After a few years in Hawaii, they family moved again to San Antonio, Texas, where is father retired from the Air Force.  His father joined the civil service, and worked for a while in San Antonio before relocating back to Fairborn.  Alex has lived in Fairborn ever since.  He went to secondary  school in Fairborn.  Which brings us to today where he is now attending Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio where he is pursuing a degree in Interactive Media Design.